An Excuse for Weird Research3

The idea of Reality, the very fabric of our existence, being a fraud, a fabrication, a con, a downright fake is nothing new, but the concept is becoming more and more popular. But why is that? Why is society rejecting reality as an absolute objective more and more?

Now, this is old news to many spiritualists, particularly from the East, but what really gets the blood pumping is the late comers to this theory. Oh, you know… What do they call them? Oh yea, scientists.

Today, it’s almost a non-issue whether or not we can eventually achieve a virtual reality environment through the use of technology but what if the very makeup of our existence is virtual? Fun stuff, no doubt for Science Fiction fodder but what if we actually started seeing clues that this might not actually be far from the truth after all. So here are some theories on the subject.




Ok, so the title would sound more familiar as “Computer Simulation” but I’d like to divorce the automatic image everyone conjures up when thinking of a “computer” as a box with blinking lights and the low hum of a fan that blasts on because you were playing Bioshock too long. The technology that could be used to create an indistinguishable virtual reality could be so advanced, it doesn’t even resemble what we might think of as a computer. Such is the Singularity Theory by Ray Kurzweil that all matter in the universe could eventually be used for calculation on an atomic level. We’re already heading that direction with Quantum Computing.

So can an indistinguishable virtual reality be created intentionally through technology like one might find in the Matrix or the Star Trek holodeck? Well… all signs point to yes, eventually, but can we already be in said reality?

Is there actual evidence supporting this kind of reality? Well, there is more than you might think.


Error-correcting Code found in Super String Equations

One of the creepiest examples was the so-called “computer code” they found in the calculations for super string theory. Since string theory is essentially an attempt to mathematically describe the nature of reality, finding actual computer code among the calculations is, well, kinda creepy. And to drizzle an extra coat of ominous on top, the “code” they found was not just some random bits of data that could be interpreted as code but specific, human created error-correcting code created by a man named Claude Shannon in the 1940’s.

Here’s a video to explain. Extra bonus points? Good ol’ Neil deGrasse Tyson is hosting and please forgive the cheese in the beginning.


Simulation Argument

The Simulation Argument is a popular thought experiment proposed by Nick Bostrom about the very statistical probability that we all exist in a Simulated Reality. The basic idea? Well, there are only a few scenarios we can derive from the future about virtual reality. Either we get to the point that we create a one to one virtual reality or somehow we blow ourselves up and never get the chance, probably due to that whole Cola-Mentos thing. But in the event that we do get to the point where we can create an absolute virtual reality, we will either find it unethical to create sentient beings and deem universe creation illegal, or we overdo it and the population has thousands, if not millions of copies of this universe. You know, like World of Warcraft. And yes, all our mothers will be hovering over our shoulders telling us its time for dinner as we ignore her trying desperately to get our US Congress plugin to finally get to work. So, keeping the theory simple, that means we have a one in a million, or however many virtual reality copies exists, chance of not being in a simulated reality. Not odds I’d go to Vegas with.




This is where things get nuts. Want to gets nuts?! Let’s get nuts!

Eastern religions have been saying this for years. If this argument was soccer, Buddha would be Pele and the rest of the modern world would even be on the field. We’d be the guy in the stands selling peanuts or something, because science is starting to recognize that consciousness itself is actually playing a pivotal role in the structure of reality. So think of this as a multiplayer game where the rules are made up as we go. Ever have a thought about a friend you haven’t spoken to for years and suddenly they call you? Or maybe you just feel great from the moment you wake up and the world seems to respond in kind, giving one great thing after another? Well, those could be coincidences, or maybe they could just be a vast super collective consciousness creating the future based on our choice and intentions? Here’s some data for you science folk.


Double-Slit Experiment

Ok, the foundation of most of these theories start with the Double-Slit Experiment. Again, I’m only here to paraphrase so if you want to understand it more completely, here is the best way it can be described. Through the ultra awesome fictional animated super hero Dr. Quantum!

So here’s the gist: They did an experiment in which they wanted to determine whether photons, electrons and other sub-atomic particles behaved more like particles or waves. Well, skipping over oodles of scientific description, it turns out that they behave more like waves. That is, until someone actually looks at them. Wait, wha–? That’s right, as soon as there is an observer, some intelligent being to actually witness the object, it basically exists and doesn’t exist at the same time. So on a subatomic level, we are literally creating the universe with nothing but our consciousness. Now how this translates to the macroscopic, or the physical world we experience every day remains a mystery, but I will tell you this: As soon as I can switch over the subatomic structure of lead to gold, I’ll let you know.


Remote Viewing

I warned ya. We’re going to get nuts, but if this is nuts, then our government, at least on and off, is crazier than Nick Cage’s agent. You see, every so often, the government will fund some kind of ESP project in which it studies the phenomenon of extrasensory perceptions like mind reading, levitation or future sight. This happened a lot throughout the years in many other governments too, including USSR and China. One of these projects was founded in 1970, focusing on an individual by the name of Ingo Swann. The project was called “The Stargate Project” and it mostly consisted of men trying to tap into some kind of collective, real-time reservoir of information that was essentially shared by everyone. You could pinpoint where someone was in the world, what was behind door number two or even go back in time and see if it was fluffy or spike that got into the kitchen trash last night. So, if there was any merit to these claims, you’d bet the US government would want to know about it, especially when they found our the kids down the street were tinkering around in it too.

Apparently, the project changed hands here and there between different military and government branches until it was basically no longer on the books. Where are they at with it now? Who knows, but all said and done, they spent an exorbitant amount of money on it so you wonder what exactly were they onto? What did they find? And if that’s not interesting enough, there are plenty of how-to’s online to be able to train yourself in remote viewing. I tried it once or twice and I’ll just say this. Eery results ensued.


Edgar Cayce

Now here  is a case study on a psychic that cannot be easily disregarded as a just another self-claimed clairvoyant that will read your palm just as fast as they can lift your wallet. Not only was he nothing like the psychics running the little shop you see in the business district with that big eyeball sign out front, but he never asked for money, his “readings” are said to be what killed him and he literally has volumes after volumes of insight into our potential future both individual and collective. Also known as”The Sleeping Prophet,” Cayce would go into a kind of trance and, as he described it, search some kind of consciousness database (sound familiar?) to retrieve the information. Now I’m a skeptic just like you, but although many different prophesies are said to have not come true, he has lead thousands of individuals to better health, even saving numerous lives where modern medicine would have dropped the ball. Was he tapping into the records of a consciousness-based reality?


Thomas Campbell

I will more than likely write a blog post or two on the findings and teachings of Thomas Campbell. Some of his theories on consciousness data-stream reality systems are just fascinating, even if you take them with a grain of salt. I hope you find time to Google Mr. Campbell.



There are more examples to support the two types of simulated realities, some with a creep factor of Crispin Glover but, hey, I need something to save to post about in the future, right? So who knows what reality really is. More than likely, it’s the simplest answer. Reality is just what it appears to be, but when given enough head-space to ponder what makes up this fundamental system we call reality, there are a vast number of anomalies to consider in which leads you to believe that this can’t be the whole story. Like, for one, Kim Kardashian’s fame.

  • Dr.Santhosh Joseph.

    August 11, 2013

    Even now we are,thinking,at,the speed of light.If virtual reality a possibility,could get hold of,eg:I think of Newyork,47st.I am there,now,If I could get into a shop,I need only a cell phone,purchase anything ,I want,and return.If some body in my reality at the same time space,we could even converse.At present we are too busy.The only difference.we may have to leave all that we are attached to.Thanks.

  • Rustin Odom

    August 11, 2013

    Interesting thought. It makes me think of “Like a camel passing through the eye of a needle”

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