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Google is awesome. I know, I know. I get it. There are a lot of critics of Google and their world domination consipiracies and maybe they’re right but man, they know how to swoon me into submission.

Their latest endeavor, Project Tango, will fill any Dungeons and Dragon geek’s stomach full of fluttering fairy wings. What is Project Tango? From the official website:

The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.

Google feels that mobile phones don’t really understand what it’s like to be human. How does  a phone know about space and time, and what it’s like to deal with an extra dimension cluttering up space time. So they started Project Tango that will record any 3D space and environment you wish and translate that into the phone to be used however the developer wants. The video shows examples of someone using their recorded 3D environment to test furniture (something IKEA has been working on for a while now) right in their living room, and another example of someone playing a fantasy video game, overwriting his own backyard with snowy mountains and deep valleys.

This is a really cool idea and as the video states, the possibilities really are endless. See the video for Project Tango below:

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