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Go ahead, enjoy some short SciFi-ish stories I've written.

Why Now? A Quest in Metaphysics

He mentions these ideas blew his mind when he first heard them and he certainly does not fail to deliver…

Seth Lloyd, a quantum-mechanical engineer at MIT, estimated the number of “computer operations” our universe has performed since the Big Bang — basically, every event that has ever happened. To repeat them, and generate a perfect facsimile of reality down to the last atom, would take more energy than the universe has.

“The computer would have to be bigger than the universe, and time would tick more slowly in the program than in reality,” says Lloyd. “So why even bother building it?”

But others soon realized that making an imperfect copy of the universe that’s just good enough to fool its inhabitants would take far less computational power. In such a makeshift cosmos, the fine details of the microscopic world and the farthest stars might only be filled in by the programmers on the rare occasions that people study them with scientific equipment. As soon as no one was looking, they’d simply vanish.

-Discover Magazine

History and Approaches to Artificial Intelligence


Earlier I wrote an article about the responsibility of creating artificial intelligence and a few ethical aspects we need to consider before we hit the ON switch. But what are some of the approaches that we are already taking to create an artificial intelligence?