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This is the stuff dreams are made of and I can’t be more excited about this! See the video of a self-driving car sans the steering wheel. Aside from the fact that generally computers do several things autonomously better than us mistake-laden humans and thus would make the roadways a lot more self, but there are also a lot of fringe benefits from a fully autonomous, self-driving car. Imagine public transport. Imagine helping the blind. From the Official Google Blog:

Just imagine: You can take a trip downtown at lunchtime without a 20-minute buffer to find parking.

That means, the car will park itself! Oh glory, glory!

These cars will be made without a steering wheel or any type of pedals. Now, that freaks me a out a bit to be honest┬áso I’m curious to see what they will have baked into the model that will accommodate safety when things get hairy with all those unpredictable, hairy humanoids sharing the road.

They plan on building about a hundred prototypes and later in the summer, they plan on testing prototypes with steering wheels and pedals. They are planning a small pilot program to safely test and integrate them into public areas in California. For more info, check out their Google+ page.

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