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Simulation Theory #2: Guessing Game


It’s about time I finally get around to actually writing the continuation of the Simulation Theory I started. If you haven’t read the first one, I highly recommend it. In this series, I ponder and attempt to illustrate hypothetical scenarios as to why an advanced civilization might tinker around with creating a simulated universe. In this […]

Some Stuff I've Done

The beast will be released... soon

Go ahead, enjoy some short SciFi-ish stories I've written.

History and Approaches to Artificial Intelligence


Earlier I wrote an article about the responsibility of creating artificial intelligence and a few ethical aspects we need to consider before we hit the ON switch. But what are some of the approaches that we are already taking to create an artificial intelligence?

Is our Consciousness simply a collection of responses?


“I’m hungry,” my oldest boy squealed from the back seat.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Hungry. I’m Daddy,” I said. Suddenly, I was a cauldron mixture of shock, deja vu and nostalgia. I just relived an experience from my youth but the roles were far different. In that moment, I was my father, my son was me, and it was surreal.

A new theory on Consciousness


Trying to understand the consciousness issue has been in the works since, well, since we’ve been conscious. What the heck is it? How does it work? Is there a little pilot controlling my brain or is consciousness an illusion created by the complex nature of billions of neurons working together?

A new theory from a neuroscientist at Princeton University has been introduced… and it involves puppets!

Evidences of a Simulated Reality – Cue the Twilight Zone Door


The idea of Reality, the very fabric of our existence, being a fraud, a fabrication, a con, a downright fake is nothing new, but the concept is becoming more and more popular. But why is that? Why is society rejecting reality as an absolute objective more and more?

Now, this is old news to many spiritualists, particularly from the East, but what really gets the blood pumping is the late comers to this theory. Oh, you know… What do they call them? Oh yea, scientists.