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Some Stuff I've Done

The beast will be released... soon

Go ahead, enjoy some short SciFi-ish stories I've written.

Singapore does farming right


This is just flat out amazing and gives a lot of hope for overpopulated and hungry cities around the world with high rise farms. The technology is an ancient water wheel fused with modern technology that only costs the owner six dollars a month. WHAT!

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NASA’s Suspended Animation


So, apparently, science has taken another lead from Sci-Fi with the news that NASA is going to be taking a hibernation approach to solve the astronauts problem of “I’m going to go insane because I’m stuck in an airplane restroom for six months.”

Great read from Gizmodo. Check it out here:

Lab grown heart comes to life!


A new break-through (that should interest the broken-hearted friend-zoned) just came to fruition. Leading scientsts have actually created a heart and manipulated it to function on it’s own without any assistance.

Bio-engineering rocks!

X Rebirth – A follow up to Simulated Reality Theory


In my last post, I talked about the scientifically sound possibilities that we are actually living in some form of virtual reality and one of those evidences is the mere fact that one day we will be able to achieve a indistinguishable landscaped simulation. Well, we are definitely one step closer.

And so it begins…


Like the soaring majesty of the peak of man’s greatest endeaver brought into the reality of every man, woman, and child’s wonder-filled eyes of the Apollo shuttle, so to I launch my blog!

Over the top? Okay, yeah it was, but just by a little.