Fringe Existence3

Like the soaring majesty of the peak of man’s greatest endeavor brought into the reality of every man, woman, and child’s wonder-filled eyes of the Apollo Space Shuttle, so to I, launch my blog!

Over the top? Okay, yeah it was, but just by a little. I’m excited! This is a new chapter in my life!  Well, at least I hope it’s a full chapter and not a small unfinished paragraph as I get distracted by a shiny new sentence but enough with the literary metaphors; I’m thrilled that I’m finally writing again about a topic that I cannot exhaust my love for.

You see, Sciences in the areas of Biology, Physics, and Advanced Technology have always fascinated me, but what always steals my attention are the “sciences” around the corner: Pseudo-science, wild conspiracy and spiritual theories mixed with Science Fiction, Futurism, Trans-humanism and Alternative theories of reality. Man! I LOVE this stuff.

If you were to take a peak under my left sleeve right now, you’d find a thick and prominent tattoo of a question mark that represents an idea that I basically don’t know anything about this thing we call existence. I mean, what is this place? Along with the age old questions of What Am I, Where did I come from, and Where am I going, I just can’t stop asking Why? I’m basically addicted to it. Like an annoying three year old, sitting on Life’s lap and in a forever loop of asking Why? after every answer he can possibly think up to give me, my thirst is just never quenched! So until Life chucks me off his lap and boots me out the door, I suppose I’ll just keep on asking.

So why the blog? Well, for one I’m hoping to chronicle my Why? adventures before feeling the gritty bottom of Life’s boot. For two, I simply just want to write.

Novels and Short Stories are a good permission slip to constantly research everything from secret government underground military bases to the latest theories of quantum wackiness. If I have a purpose to endlessly research these far bizarre topics, then I won’t feel like some weirdo who should have his internet license revoked for wasting time and not showering.

So please enjoy this blog. Be respectful to others in the comments (and by others, I really mean me) and share your thoughts, opinions and theories. I’m always eager to hear from others and more times than not, it’s another chance for me to, once again, ask Why?

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